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It’s important to look after our children’s teeth. We recommend visiting a dentist any time from the age of 2. Visiting a dentist when your child is young can help get them used to having their teeth checked and preventing problems in the future.


We check children’s teeth for any problems, growth, plaque and fillings.


Looking after your Children’s Teeth:


The first tooth usually comes through around 6 months of age in the lower front area. Some children can get teeth earlier at 3 months of age or as late as 12 months.


Start cleaning your children’s teeth as soon as you can.  This will help get them used to having their teeth cleaned.  You can use a soft baby toothbrush.  Clean your children’s teeth before they go to bed as most of the damage to our teeth is done while we sleep.


At about the age of 18 months, you can get different stage toothbrush to clean their teeth. We advise continuing helping them brush their teeth at night to ensure it is done properly.  Monitor their cleaning until the age of 8.


Bottled milk, juice, sugars and acids in liquids can cause very fast decay. It’s important to brush your children’s teeth twice daily.


Tooth decay and cavities in children’s teeth:

Young kids can have teeth decay, even at the age of 2. If your child experiences tooth pain, has a cavity or has had an accident to their teeth, please visit Dentistry with Care as soon as possible.


Make the dental visit fun for children:

Treat your dental visit with your children as a fun adventure or excursion. Talk to them about what the dentist does as a job, what they will do when you visit the dental practice. Tell them the dentist is going to count their teeth, ask them to smile, open their mouth nice and wide.  Tell them they may even get a chance to have their teeth polished to make they all nice and shiny.  Try to avoid any fear towards visiting the dentist. Make their experience positive and fun to help encourage them to look after their teeth and come back for further check-ups.

Child Dentistry at Dentistry with Care Mortdale
Child Dentistry at Dentistry 2 with Care Mortdale
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