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Mouth Guards

Do I really need a mouthguard?


Anyone who plays a sport or an activity where there is a risk to your face and teeth, should wear a mouthguard to prevent any dental injuries.


We see too many people get treated for dental injuries which could be avoided by getting a correctly fitted custom mouthguard.


How does a mouthguard work?


Mouthguards are typically used for people playing contact sports such as Rugby. Contact sports can lead to broken teeth, dislodged teeth, broken jaws, cut lips and tongue.   A mouthguard can help reduce the impact to your teeth and jaw.


Mouthguards are a lot cheaper and cost effective than repairing injured teeth. Not all mouthguards are the same, so it is important to get a mouthguard fitted properly by a dentist.


The mouthguard should be worn any time there is any potential injury to the face, e.g. while playing any contact sport.  Common contact sports that require mouthguards are: Football, Hockey, Netball, Baseball, Rugby, Afl, League, and Skateboarding.


How do I get a custom mouthguard made?


Custom mouthguards can only be fitted by a dentist. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth, then a plaster mould is made. The plaster mould is used to make a perfectly fitting mouthguard. It will only fit you as everyone’s teeth are different.


When booking an appointment for a custom fitted mouthguard, let us know what the mouth guard is used for so that we can ensure you have the appropriate options for you.


A properly fitted mouthguard will not fall out when you open your mouth allowing you to speak. It should not restrict your breathing and be conformable to wear.  If you buy a pre-made mouthguard, they will not fit properly and typically uncomfortable to wear as they are not moulded to your mouth. Studies show that a custom built mouthguard has a better protection than an over the counter mouthguard.


When do I need to replace a mouthguard?


If your teeth change at all, such as a new tooth in a child, your teeth get pushed accidentally when you forget to wear your mouthguard, or if your mouthguard gets damaged, then you will need to look at a replacement.


When you have your general dental check-up, get the dentist to check your teeth to ensure your mouthguard still fits properly.


How to look after your mouthguard:


Make sure you look after your mouthguard to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Ways to look after your mouthguard include:


  • Rinse in cold water every time you use it

  • Store in the rigid container it came in

  • Keep away from heat sources such as heater, hot car, fireplace as this may distort the mouthguard.

  • Every now and then rinse your mouthguard in a mouth wash.

Dental Mouthguards at Dentistry with Care Mortdale
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