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DENTAL SERVICES - Dentistry With Care, Mortdale


Check ups and cleans. Regular cleans with your dentist are an important part of keeping your gums and teeth healthy and helps to prevent bad breath. You may not realise it, but over time plaque builds up and can cause receding gums and gum disease. In advanced cases this can lead to tooth loss.

Gum disease can affect your overall health.

A toothache does not mean the end of your tooth. Dr Ron has performed many Root Canal Treatments over the years with a high success rate. Root Canal Treatment is an intricate procedure performed to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay or injury. Generally this is a painless procedure, and most of our patients are happy to save the tooth rather then losing it forever.

A picture of preventative dentistry at dentistry with care mortdale


Dr Ron only uses tooth coloured composite fillings. They are very strong and reliable and look great.

In cases where these fillings may not be appropriate, Dr Ron will recommend a Ceramic or Porcelain Crown. A Crown is often the best way to save a tooth and strengthen it. The Crown fits over the prepared existing tooth and replaces the missing tooth structure. A well made Crown will last on average 10 years but in most cases can last much longer.

A picture of fillings and crowns at dentistry with care mortdale


A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth, restoring function and aesthetics. If a tooth is lost through an accident, or is too badly decayed to save with a crown, a bridge may be the treatment of choice.

A picture of dental bridges at dentistry with care mortdale


For our patients with jaw related problems like clicking, headaches, pain on opening or severe grinding Dr Ron has had great success with occlusal splints.

These are clear plastic guards fitting comfortably over the upper teeth.

A picture of occlusal splints at dentistry with care mortdale


Professionally fitted mouth guards is the only sure method of preventing damage to teeth for those playing contact sports.

A picture of mouthguards at dentistry with care mortdale


Dr Ron uses a reliable and effective technique to whiten teeth. We find that patients have very little problems with sensitivity unlike other products on the market.

A picture of teeth whitening at dentistry with care mortdale


We provide all types of well fitting full and partial dentures. 

A picture of dentures at dentistry with care mortdale
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